Friday, 30 June 2017

Masters in Fine Art Anglia Ruskin Cambridge.

The year has gone so fast that I've not been able to keep up with my work let alone my Blogs! But hopefully over the next couple of weeks I can spend a few hours updating.
The year started full force and it was very much a case of running to catch up. The first big learning curve for me was the introduction into the contextual referencing of your work. Lectures kicked of with Danto! "Who's Danto I asked pleadingly"?.. This was the start of a brain melting semester of  serious reading like I've never done before. My dyslexia was to be stretched to it's limit.

This semester also looked at own practice and developing ideas through research but also the introduction of considering the curatorial aspect of your work and considering this in the first instance. Following this direction my practice work continued to explore the ideas started previously through my MA. The subject remained with looking at Gender or rather ideas of no gender specific identity.