Friday, 15 April 2016

Collection of work from Defining Woman.

This was a statement around the subject of Corsetry and how women over history have been defined by their under garments. Women have had to adjust their silhouette to please men and society. This has defined them and their place in the world. It also illustrates how women have been dictated by their bodies and not by their minds.

Spare Rib

knitted on an industrial knitting machine and inserted with spare ribs all thirteen.

Fine Cashmere has inserts of mono filament, enveloping pipe cleaners. This allows the fabric to be manipulated into any shape.

Shirring elastic is included into the knit to emphasise the control of the fabric to gather the surface.

Muscle Forms

I started to look at how women define themselves now? We make our own lives and no longer bend to the total control of society or men. So what are we defined by today? Ourselves we are, Flesh, Bone and Skin. So this I have demonstrated through my investigations in hand manipulated stitch on the industrial knitting machine as well as domestic machines.

I have been interested in using a knitted stitch and duplicating it at the same time. Knitting one row of pattern then pulling the second through and repeating the row. This gives a wonderful lift to the structure of the knit.

The next stage was to work the skeleton, the bone element. The strength of the skeleton comes from the spine and the vertebrae.

The knitted fabric was treated with hardening solutions to give the rigidity and structure. The pieces then took on an eerie appeal.

The surface or skin relates directly with the corset which I used initially. Using the design from stitched corset and combining that with the shape of a woman to create a silhouette of the female form. 


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